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The Story

 Why I was "nudged" to create Don't Ignore the Nudge 

Looking for some encouragement in this crazy world?  Is there a noisiness and busyness that surrounds you and you need a break?


Welcome to Don't Ignore the Nudge!


Don't Ignore the Nudge was created to share others' stories about how God has "nudged" them to do (or not do) something in their lives and what happens next. Fourteen years ago, I was "nudged" to write a book about my experiences (and one in particular - check out Episode 1! Private Facebook Group. 

I ignored this, but it was always there. Fast-forward a few years.  When audible books came out, I thought, "Yes, I'll get my stories and other people's stories out THAT way!" but once again wasn't comfortable acting on this.  

FINALLY, in 2020, a year we won't forget, I finally put all of this into action and created the podcast Don't Ignore the Nudge.  (The irony is not lost on me, I promise!)

Every guest has a unique story to share and a different way to tell it.  The guests come from all backgrounds, all cultures, all experiences, but all have a grounded faith in Christ that is strong.  Sometimes the guests are obedient 

to act on that urging from Above; sometimes they aren't so obedient.  But, in the end, as always, God works it out!


Come along with us as we hear these amazing stories.  I am so glad you're here!


God bless you and keep you!


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