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  • What is Don't Ignore the Nudge?
    Don't Ignore the Nudge is a podcast, and we also have a private Facebook group by the same name. It is a ministry of mine, and it is not a non-profit organization. I felt led to start this about 14 years ago, and now I'm following through on God's "nudge".
  • How can I support Don't Ignore the Nudge?
    Thanks for asking!! All funds go to producing and editing the podcast. There are a few ways: 1) You can go to our Patreon account where you can be a monthly supporter ($5, $10, $20). Go to You get a gift after 3 months of being a also get extra content at higher levels. 2) You can go to our store (on this website) and purchase a devotional, mug, or journal. FREE shipping! 3) You can SHARE the podcast, RATE it, REVIEW it. 4) You can JOIN the private Facebook group and invite your friends to join. 5) YOU CAN PRAY FOR THIS MINISTRY! :))
  • Is Don't Ignore the Nudge a non-profit?
    No, it isn't. It is my ministry. I do offer items for sale to defray the cost of producing and editing the podcast.
  • How do I become a guest on Don't Ignore the Nudge?
    It's easiest if you leave us a voice message at (951) 923-2674 describing briefly the story you'd like to share. We know sometimes a story is very powerful and there's a longer story, but this gives us a snippet that will be helpful as discernment is used in determining who will be asked to be a guest.
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